How Did The Puritan Americans Affect Society

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The colonization of the United States has been a period in the history of America in which many things occur, such things as the puritan’s immigration, which led to the establishment of their Protestant Ethic in America. Such Ethic impacted a lot that many things were created from it, like Manifest Destiny. Not only th e Protestant Ethic created the Manifest Destiny, also it impacted and changed the Literature. It all started when the first persecuted Puritans leave Europe in search of a new home to practice their religion. By 1620, the Puritans arrived in Plymouth, Massachusetts. When Puritans arrived did not know the environment of the place, but the Native Americans helped them. These Native Americans were very different from the Puritans in many aspects, they believed that all things in the Universe depend on each other, recognized the work of the creator of the world, and ceremonies that honored a creator of nature. The Puritans, in another way, believed in God and follow their Protestant Ethic, which is a code of morals based on the principles of thrift, discipline, hard …show more content…

Thereon, these Puritans continued to live their way of life of hard work to reach their salvation. Unfortunately, not many of these Puritans survive, but by 1630 a great migration of Puritans arrived. This great migration was led by John Winthrop and was motivated to find a place where they can practice their religion. During the travel, Winthrop delivered the sermon “A Model of Christian Charity” in which he states that they had made a covenant with God, in which it would make them succeed if they keep his commitment with him by making a “City upon a Hill”. In other words, they have to make a colony where they would become a model to all the nations of Europe, to show them what a properly reformed Christian commonwealth should look like(2), “the eyes of all people are upon us”. link the Wikipedia y de

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