Rene Descartes Skepticism

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Rene Descartes was one the famous French philosopher of his era, he was also known as the father of modern philosophy. In addition, his ideas or theories are also considered to change the age of science during that era. The ideas or the phenomena’s he has presented in his writing are still considered as the stepping stone for the modern science. First of all, one of the basic ideas which Rene Descartes has presented was the idea of skepticism. According to him, through the phenomena of the skepticism, any truth can be verified by the theory of it. In the border spectrum, he believes that mind is the first reality of the human being, where all the perceptions and ideas occur. According to his viewpoint, the mind is the soul and truth are…show more content…
The doubter is known as the evil deceiver, because it creates the complex explanations which can’t be verified, makes the truly vulnerable and breakable. However, in order to have a doubt, an individual is thinking or doubting an idea it means, they exist. As he mentioned in one of this mediations, I think, therefore, I am.” Descartes believes, that human mind is the foundation where all the ideas and the perceptions are being tested, either the truth is absolute, possible or impossible. Similarly, in his mediation, he has talked about the idea of individualism and free will. How humans mind has the ability to change an idea or perceptions if they doubt something, in his mediation he has mentioned, “I am so imperfect that I am always deceived”. In his viewpoint, humans have the ability to detach themselves from the world and they have the ability to use their free will to doubt an idea or to test an idea by the principle of the simple truths. In all these medications, he always argues that simple explanation is the best explanation which is known as the Ockham’s…show more content…
In addition, in connecting all those points together he also ponders upon on the idea of God. The mediations emphasized on finding the truth, and he also provided a logical and scientific explanation about how to verify the truth. Descartes explains the different form of the truth which created a clear and concise basis for the verification of the truth. The formulation of the simplest explanation about a certain phenomenon set the basis of the scientific revolution. This also leads to the idea that theories or laws, which are either absolute or have been proved by scientific law have more reliable than the saying of the random

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