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Cyrus Beene & Diana Prince “The nitty-gritty, morally bankrupt, back-alley-brawling rest of the game, that’s me. It’s filthy and thankless, and it’s my hallelujah, heroin, and reason to breath”- Cyrus Beene. Cyrus Beene is a political mastermind in the hit television series known as Scandal. He is an impeccable example of attaining Machiavellian virtues due to his unending strive for more power and the decisions he makes when given the opportunity to achieve more power. The scandal series opens up with Fitzgerald Grant winning the presidential election. Nonetheless, he did not win the Presidential seat justly. According to Machiavelli, this is not of important contention. Machiavelli famously states two ways that a prince has the ability to …show more content…

President Grant won the election due to his political campaign manager, the first lady, and Cyrus Beene. These characters were able to rig the election and give the President electoral votes that were theoretically going to the opposing candidate. Thus, allowing President Grant to win the Presidency. The people who helped the President win the seat in office knew the consequences and risks of getting caught. However, if the President was elected, Cyrus Beene would be appointed as the White House Chief of Staff. Cyrus schemes his way up the political advancement ladder, but he is also smart enough to know when he is not capable of achieving something, that he will not focus on that issue. For example, Cyrus knew that he had all of the characteristics to be President, but was also aware of the fact that his sexuality and …show more content…

These virtues are not acquired easily. Plato is stating that a virtuous ruler will be able to make decisions that will benefit the entire country and not just certain people. Providentially, Diana was granted gifts from multiple gods. More importantly, she was granted power from Athena, the goddess of wisdom. She administered Diana the gifts of courage and wisdom. Considering that Diana obtains these gifts, she is multilingual. The languages that she retains in knowledge are her native language of Themysciran, ancient and modern Greek, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Mandarin, Chinese, Russian, and Hindi. Her comprehension does not end with languages. Additionally, she is a master tactician, strategist that is trained in the arts of leadership, persuasion, and diplomacy. Being granted the wisdom and courage of Athena, she is the best type of leader. Diana is a member of the justice league. Her influence as a Justice League member has given her the reputation of being the smartest and

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