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The battle of midway, fought between Admiral Chester Nimitz representing the United States and Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto representing Japan, was the turning point in the pacific theater during world war two. The Battle of Midway is comparable in magnitude to the battle of Saratoga during the Revolutionary War. Midway, in its own right, was revolutionary due to the Japanese code that was broken and kept the aircraft carriers of the United States from being destroyed. This battle showed the strengths and weaknesses of both of the admirals that were involved. The use of the principles of war and the threads of continuity are the main reasons the United States left this battle victorious with a good part of the Japanese Navy destroyed. The following …show more content…

The purpose of the objective is to direct every operation towards a clearly defined objective. The objective of this battle is quite clear. The Japanese had already invaded several islands throughout the Pacific Ocean including the Philippines and Bataan. As the presence of the Japanese started to get closer and closer to Pearl Harbor and the west coast of the United States of America it certainly got the attention of Americas leaders. The goal became to keep the Japanese at bay and as far away as possible. A huge breakthrough came when a man named Joseph Rochefort broke the Japanese code and foretold of an attack on the two islands of midway that the Japanese were interested in. Japans goal in this was to lure out the rest of Americas pacific fleet and destroy them. Luckily for Americans they had no idea that we knew what they were going to do. The Pacific Fleet Including the USS Enterprise, USS Hornet, USS Yorktown, and all of the supporting ships went to Midway and waited for the Japanese to get there. The battle began on June 4th, 1942 approximately 6 months after the devastation of Pearl …show more content…

Economy of force basically means allocate minimal essential combat power to secondary efforts. In other words, put forth all efforts to the primary source. In this case, in the Pacific, the primary effort is taking out the threat of the Japanese. They had already taken out a good percentage of American ships and were enclosing back on them to continue the war. Japan is a few thousand miles away from America and needed a place closer to be able to launch strikes against America. They knew that America could not handle the idea of them getting so close to Pearl Harbor since Midway is within striking distance of it. Nimitz decided that he would have to take out the threat of Japan. He took 4 submarines, 3 aircraft carriers, 2 heavy cruisers, 1 regular cruiser, and all the support ships necessary to keep all them going during a campaign. This group of ships was most of what was left after Pearl harbor. Nimitz used economy of force by taking nearly everything he had and focusing them on the one primary objective. He was effective in using it and was gifted with the victory due to his choices

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