Research Proposal: Effective Language Functional In Language Learning

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H M Patel Institute of English Training and Research
M.A.ELT Sem-3
Research Proposal
Submitted by: Viral Patel Prahlad Rajput

Submitted to: Sunil shah

 Introduction:- There are end numbers of techniques and approaches exist today in language learning felid. Using only text in the classroom teaching is very old and it reduces the interest is the learner. Learner’s active involvement makes the language acquisition better and faster (Joy Campbell). In order to
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These materials can be anything like bus, air tickets, news paper, add films, leaflets, posters or even a rapper of the chocolates. It should be chosen considering the topic, target language area, students need and interest (Majid Hilal Rashid and Harmed Rashid). It helps students become better readers and learners which ultimately help them produce a good target language. The students feel victory over their accomplishment because the skill that they acquired makes them feel that they can handle the situation in the real life too. Because it includes real life situation and objects. Peacock (1997) characterizes bona fide materials as the materials that have been delivered to satisfy some social purposes in the dialect group. While (Nunan 1999), has another definition for genuine materials, which is:
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