Verbonia Case Study

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The building of Verbonia contributed to intelligene and physical strength. Due to designing Verbonia, the heavy materials used to create Verbonia, and crsftsmanship. All these factors contributed to the intelligance and physical strength of the people that buit Verbonia.

Designing took a huge amount of intelligance due to the amount of time and effort that needed to be put in to create a city. According to the text, "The engineers worked throughout the winter measuring, designing, and drawing. By th espring of 25 B.C(the Roman year 728) the mast plan for Verbonia was ready" This says that it took a lot of planning and designing to build Verbonia therefore the people that desgined the city were very intelligant people. Another example of how smart he designers were is, "No privately owned building, they decreed, could be higher than twice the width of them street on which it stood. This ensured that sunlight always reached the streets." This is an example of why the designers wanted to make sure that there was always sunlight on the streets. Therefore they made sure that every privately owned building followed that rule.

They heavy building materials were needed to create this city therefore there must have been …show more content…

An example of the amount of craftsmanship is when the text says, "The skilled laborers cut, polished, or carved inscriptions in the stone." This proves that the amount of craftsmanship was a huge roll in build Verbonia. Another example would be the way they cut the stone, "When the stone was bery hard, the blade used in the saw had no teeth; sand and steel fillings were placed inder the blade and the back-and-forth motion of the saw ground away the stone." The amount of intelligance used to saw stone like that is impressive due to how dumb most people where back

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