Resident Assistant Research Paper

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Picture it: the friendly resident assistant helping her resident when she has a tough problem. Maybe the resident is locked out of her dorm, or is having roommate struggles, or even just has general stress with school work. I would like to be that resident assistant helping that girl, and I feel that I could fill this potential position. Working as a Resident Assistant has many benefits and potential positive outcomes. Some of these include the ability to meet new people as well as getting to know them better, being a mentor to residents, and learning from the people you are mentoring or meeting. I have always loved meeting new people, even as a child with meeting my parents’ friends, and I feel that having the resident assistant position will give me the opportunity to meet many people that I would have been unable to meet otherwise. Similar to my love of meeting new people, I have wanted to mentor people for a long time, but have been unable to exactly reach that position that I have been aiming for, of those my age or a little younger. Previously, I tutored and mentored elementary students, and I loved the position, although it was not what I had been reaching for. The benefit of the resident assistant position is that I would have the opportunity to have …show more content…

I am a people person. I love chatting with new people, when I get the chances to, and I must admit that I have to get out of my shell and comfort zone a little more. I am a responsible person and student and can help keep the residents in line when rules have been broken, though I can also help them when they need RA help. I manage time very wisely, as seen by the amounts of organizations I have joined throughout the past years, and the fact that I have kept up a great grade point average. These are all great skills and attitudes that I think are important for a RA, and I feel that I encompass them

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