Respect Jenny Han Character Analysis

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To all the boys I’ve loved before by, Jenny Han. Is about Lara-Jean and her letters to all the boys she has had a crush on. Throughout the book she tries to figure out the mess of the letters being mailed out. Lara- Jean’s older sister Margot also moves to Scotland for college. And Lara-Jean’s younger sister is trying to convince her dad to get her a dog for Christmas. In this book Lara-Jean shows Respect, Determination and Integrity. She shows these qualities from her boyfriend to her younger sister Kitty. The first PRIDE trait is Respect. In this book Respect means to admire someone. Because of their abilities, qualities, and achievements. “Raising his eyebrows, he says, “Lara Jean? What the-? “ I don’t answer. I just kiss him. My first thought is: I have muscle memory of his lips. My second thought is: I hope Josh is watching. He has to be watching or it’s all for nothing” (87). Lara Jean was using Peter, to get Josh to like her. Throughout the book Lara- Jean learns to respect Peter because of his achievements. Some of Peter’s achievements are that he is on the lacrosse team. Lara-Jean wanted to use Peter to get Josh to like her.…show more content…
“In a rush Kitty says,”I’m the one who sent the letters.”... “As I can, l say,” Do you even know how much trouble you’ve caused? How could you be so spiteful to me?” I’m sorry,” she whispers. Fat teardrops form in the corners of her eyes, and one plops down like a raindrop. I want to hug her, to comfort her. But I’m still so mad.”It’s fine.”I say in a voice that is the exact opposite of fine.”(350,351). Kitty had integrity and told Lara-Jean that she was the one who sent all the letters to all the boys. Lara-Jean has ever loved, including Josh and Peter. Kitty had mailed all her letters because her sister was teasing her about liking Josh. Even though Lara- Jean was mad at Kitty for mailing the letters. Kitty told her sister with her
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