Revolutionary Mothers: Women In The Struggle For America's Independence

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Carol Berkin’s book, Revolutionary Mothers: Women in the Struggle for American Independence, proclaims that the Revolutionary War was "the last great romance with war". It was more so a time of turbulence and disorder. The American Revolution did not discriminate against man or woman, class, race nor culture. The Revolution took a toll on the families during this time in history and it also made women important figures. Women were forced to take charge over their families and even on the battlefront. This was very intriguing to society because the roles that that they took on were not expected of their gender. Revolutionary Mothers: Women in the Struggle for America 's Independence illustrates the historical events of different groups of women and simply how women from a variety of backgrounds existed.
The relationship between men and women of this time was questionable. Women exhibited signs of bravery and responsibility. They had to transition from being in the house and tending to domestic chores to becoming "unofficial quartermaster corps" of the army.They traveled along with the men in the army. They cooked, cleaned and nursed the men back to health. On some occasions they had to step up and take arms against the enemy troops. Women were expected to take an active role in both the American and British …show more content…

Despite their hard work, effort and selflessness, their strength would soon be forgotten and they would be once again pushed back into the shadows of the American men. Our nation desperately wanted to “return to normalcy” giving little credit to Edenton Ladies, the Molly Pitchers, the Sybil Ludingtons and the Eliza Wilkinsons. Their fight for independence had seemingly been in

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