Rhetorical Analysis Of Donald Trump Immigrants Myth

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Recent events in the past decade has cause many people to portrayed immigrants as terrorists, illegal immigrants, gang affiliated members, drug dealers, etc. This raises questions regarding closing the border or limiting the number of people that can migrate to America. Politicians and law makers are too concerned about this matter and had propose solutions and issue laws in attempt to stop foreigners from coming to America. However, as both sides pushes for their ideas on the issue, it is ultimately up to the younger generation to decide the future of immigrants living in America. Being well informed and understanding of the issue is essential when it comes to choosing whether something is right or wrong. Therefore, articles and texts have been made to discuss the issues of immigrants living in America. Articles likes “Donald Trump Immigrants Myth” has raised awareness to the misconception of immigrants. While attempting to address the issue by using Trump as the focus of the problem, the text falls short on appealing to young audience as its content is too focused and too biased, making the text narrow. Subsequently, the …show more content…

Rhetorical Context Rhetorical contexts can make or break a text. It is important to know that the purpose of the article should always appeal to the appropriate target audience. In this text, the article’s purpose was to inform the reader of the misconception that is commonly said about immigrants in America. Alex Nowrasteh, the author of the article, said “it’s important to tell folks who do not read academic articles all

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