Rhetorical Analysis Of John Lennon's Bad Fracking

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Lennon’s third Strategy that he uses is an Exemplification, which is where the author provides specific examples or cases (“Introduction to Rhetorical Strategies”). One example that he uses this is where he talks about how natural gas is sold as clean energy. Lennon States “Natural Gas has been sold as clean energy. But when the gas comes from fracturing bedrock with about five million gallons of toxic water per well… Don’t be fooled. Fracking for shale gas is in truth dirty energy.” This is a very specific fact that five million gallons of toxic water is produced form fracking. This really appeals to pathos, this really gets the audience angry because they have been lied to about how natural gas is clean energy. This also makes them really …show more content…

Lennon says, “Within the first 20 years, methane escaping from within and around the wells, pipelines and compressor stations is 105 times more powerful a greenhouse gas then carbon dioxide” (pg#). This is really good use of this strategy because this makes an appeal to logos. This make Lennon more credible because he is using very good shocking facts in his article. This makes the readers trust him and helps his audience side with his argument of how bad fracking is. This is so because this is how the gas is getting produced is from the dangerous fracking which doesn’t just release bad greenhouse gases but also fouls our wells and makes our water undrinkable. He goes even more into this point by stating how “… more than a tiny amount of methane leakage, this gas is as bad as coal is for the climate; and since over half the wells leak eventually, it is not a small amount” (pg#). This shows how no matter what this fracking will be worse for the environment then coal is, and everyone knows how bad burning coal is for our environment. This appeals to logos as well, by building Lennon’s credibility because not only does he use states he makes a comparison to how bad what happens is. This also appeals to pathos by making the readers realize how terrible this environment and will make them want to stop fracking and vote against it in elections. This all helps

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