Rhetorical Analysis Of Mike Rowe

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In "Mike Rowe: Learning from Dirty Jobs." The speaker, Mike Rowe, is the host of a television series that looks into the lives of Americans who are said to have undesirable jobs. He begins the speech with a narrative about his experience in the Rocky Mountains, and how he was supposed to castrate a lamb. He continues by describing the scenario, and how he expected the process to be done as according to the humane society. However, the farmer who Mike is learning from has a completely different method than what he was expecting. After having serious doubts about how the farmer castrated the lamb, he was able to finally accept that he was wrong in regards to how the process should be done, and how he was wrong about a variety of other things …show more content…

Starting with ethos, or credibility, Mike established that he had much experience with dirty jobs, and had seen how often misinterpreted they are in our society. Furthermore, Mike used Pathos, or the appeal to emotion, when he told his story of the lambs, and how wrong he had been thinking that the farmer was wrong in regards to his methods. Mike also used logos, or logic, when he stated that the media was changing how we view jobs with intense manual labor, and how in turn, these new views are hurting America's workforce. Mike Rowe’s overall speaking style was very effective, and helped him greatly throughout his speech. This was evident through the feedback that he received from the audience, and how smoothly the speech seemed to flow. Along with his speaking sytle, Mike used a variety of supports as well including: narratives, statistics, explanations, and testimonies. He switched between these types of supports throughout the speech, and used each of them very effectively. On the other hand, there was one weakness towards the end of the speech, when it appeared that he tried to call his audience to action by telling them to get back to work. If this was the case, it appeared more humorous than serious, and did not help to conclude his

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