Rhetorical Analysis Of The Ballot Or The Bullet

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The Ballot or the Bullet Malcolm X, an African-American Muslim minister and a human rights activist, in his influential speech, “The Ballot or the Bullet” (1964), empowers and inspires thousands of the black race, and desperate people to fight for their discarded rights and maintain their vanished equality, declaring that if the government tries to hold them back from gaining full equality under the law, it might be time for them to rebel, and fight. X supports his claims by using accurate solutions based on logic reasoning, as he also appeal his audience by piteousness, backed up with credibility to support everything he states. The purpose of this speech is to encourage African-Americans to stand up for their rights and vote; X also establishes a close relationship with his audience by his overwhelming use of rhetoric. He uses ethos, pathos, and logos, along with examples of anaphora and repetition, but the primary use of persuasion that mainly convinced and attracted his audience was his use of pathos, through the calculated and…show more content…
X also had the ability to recognize what to do in order to excite them about his motivation. He included all the main rhetorical devices to achieve his audience assurance and plead them both logically and emotionally, encouraging them to earn their equality. X repetition of the word "the ballot or the bullet" helped him retain his concern in the audience’s mind, as he mentioned it after every new idea and related it to it. X speech was powerful and full of inspiration, and due to his confidence, syntax ,and use of formal English he was able to highlight the change he wants, and appear as a brilliant knowledgeable personality,he was able to end his speech in a heartening and motivational reminder stating , "The black nationalists aren't going to wait...In 1964, it's the ballot or the
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