Rhetorical Devices In Black Hawk's Speech

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A leader’s breaking point in battle is often when he surrenders. In this moving speech, Black Hawk reaches his breaking point. In 1832, Black Hawk had no choice but to surrender, and in his speech he detailed the history of lies and betrayals. Black Hawk uses his last strength of power to inspire his people to keep on fighting. In his speech, Black Hawk evokes emotion to unite the Indians and a shift in point of view to imply that now it’s their time to fight the battle. Black Hawk evokes emotion in his people to unite them together in his surrender. Black Hawk states “The white men are bad schoolmasters; they carry false looks, and deal in false actions; they smile in the face of the poor Indian to cheat him; they shake them by the hand to …show more content…

In the speech, Black Hawk shifts from first person to third person “We set up the war-whoop, and dug up the tomahawk; our knives were ready, and the heart of Black Hawk swelled high in his bosom, when he led his warriors to battle.” Black Hawk say he led in the noble fight as a team. Black Hawk switches between first and third person to tell the Indians that he has done everything to save his people, but now that he’s a prisoner, it’s time for them to take . In the third person, Black Hawk states “ He is satisfied. He will go to the world of spirits contented. He has done his duty. His father will meet him there, and commend him.” Black Hawk uses, “he” as if he’s been prevented from fighting. Black Hawk uses the third person to try to inspire his people to fight, since he isn’t able to. This shows, motivation to the Indians to fight for the sake of Black Hawk. In the surrender speech, Black Hawk says that it’s time for the Indians to fight for all the wrongs they have tolerated from the white men. Black Hawk uses an emotional appeal to unite the Indians and a shift in point of view to motivate them to keep on fighting. Black Hawk might be surrendering, but his people still have a lot to fight

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