Richard Louv Rhetorical Devices

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The author, Richard Louv, write on how children now have become much too engaged in technology world and that they don't pay attention to nature enough. During this passage, tries to persuade his audience to reconnect with nature and reduce their use of technology and inform how technology has changed people. He uses his appeal to wistfulness, anecdotes, and rhetorical questions to achieve his purpose. In this passage, an appeal to wistful emotion is used. The writer causes his older audience to glance back at their past, remembering how they grew up. He does this by using imagery and positive diction. He provides imagery when he talks about us as children growing up, "we used our fingers to draw pictures on fogged glass... we considered the past and dreamed of the future, and watched it all go by in a blink of an eye," (lines 62-73). In this quote, the author gives the audience a glance into what might have been their past by providing detailed imagery. Without technology, the children were forced to …show more content…

IN lines 23- 36, the author talks of his friend car shopping and how he did not want an entertainment system . But, the car dealer didn’t understand, because “[entertainment systems] are quickly becoming the hottest addon since rearview mirror fuzzy dice” (lines 35-36). Parents want peace and quiet while driving so they take the easy way out, entertainment systems. But, in the anecdote it gives an example of a person who went with his beliefs and didn't’ give into this. Ths allows for the reader to see what is happening in the world today. Children are given the opportunity by their parents to use technology when that isn't what should be done because children are using too much technology in the present. Kids need to learn how to entertain themselves without an iPad or TV. The anecdote influences the audience to change their ways by providing an example of someone who

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