In Defence Of Igeneration

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In her essay “In defence of the iGeneration,” Renee Wilson argues that today’s technology has benefitted not only the students, but also the generation as a whole. The advancement in technology allows for change, innovation and creativity that result in one of the best generations yet. Although Wilson generalizes today’s iGeneration, she succeeds in providing a compelling argument. Much of her argument is supported by scientific evidence and personal experiences that demonstrate the ability of the iGeneration to accept change and provide self-actualization. Wilson’s use of generalizations reveals a degree of disconnect between the current iGeneration and previous generations. Wilson refers to articles that place critical labels on the iGeneration.…show more content…
This demonstrates the ability of the generation to adapt to different circumstances and utilize resources to the best of their ability. The use of technology has created individuals that can multitask, make rapid decisions and have developed a more mature generation. Through this experience Wilson embraces the advantages of technology and disregards Levey’s interpretation of the generation. Interacting with the generation allows her to experience the life of the iGeneration and changes her perspective from when she initially started teaching. In addition, Wilson explains an experiment utilizing a marshmallow. This demonstrates the primary way to reach the iGeneration, which is through self- actualization. Her personal experiences create an informal tone that the readers can connect with on a personal level and this effectively promotes her argument. These real-life experiences allow the reader to relate to the issue personally and deepen their understanding of the argument. Through Wilson’s experiences, she gains a better understanding of the generation and can appreciate the beauty behind technology. Her change in attitude towards the generation demonstrates that a deeper understanding of the generation is necessary to appreciate the greatness of this generation. This can only be achieved through interactions with the individuals and Wilson effectively shows that through personal experiences the benefits of technology in the lives of society is
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