Ricky Ross's Role In Developmental Psychology

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As Griselda grew up she was experiencing developmental psychology, the development of an individual through the course of their life. She has experienced abuse from a parent and is a criminal all before reaching adulthood, she also a very terrible financial status. Her and her mother were poor and they lived in a poor neighborhood. There was also a lot of violence going on around the country due to the civil war, all the violence she witnesses, the abuse, and their financial status would cause her to act in more serious crimes. She would soon resort to kidnapping in order to make money, she had gone into a wealthy neighborhood and kidnapped a boy from his family. The plan was to keep the boy for ransom and have the family pay for his return,…show more content…
Ricky Ross was born on January 26, 1960 in Troup, Texas. He soon however moved to Los Angeles and began playing sports, the one he most enjoyed was tennis. He was so good at it that a talent scout took interest in his ability to play tennis. Ricky saw this opportunity to get scholarships to go to college, however he was barely able to read. When the coaches found out he had no chance of getting any scholarships. Soon after he began studying for a trade and at the same time he stole cars to sell for parts. In 1979 a friend introduced him to the drug trade, he soon realized how much money he was making and went on to creating his organization by the age of 19 years old. He soon began to do business with some Nicaraguans, they would supply the him with the drugs and he would pay them back in return. Ross also saw the potential of selling crack cocaine in areas like compton, the drug was much cheaper and so people with less financial status was able to buy the drug of him. He would continue to expand his operation outside of Los Angeles to cities like Atlanta, New York, and Detroit. At his most potential he was making about 2 to 3 million dollars a day…show more content…
First of all Griselda was born and raised in a country that was at war with itself. She witnessed violence on a daily basis. Her mother abused her as well, she had a terrible childhood and that required her to be a very dangerous person. Ross on the other hand lived in the United States he had opportunities to become a legitimate person. What started his path of dealing drugs and creating his empire was the fact that he couldn 't read. This lead to him in finding other ways to find a way to earn money. What they do have in common is who they associate themselves with, both were introduced to the drug trade because of someone they know. Their previous histories may have led them to follow that path. The environmental psychology is what caused them to enter the trade. By learning the basics of psychology and then investigating more in depth about it, it is possible to find out what the signs are before they occur. It may be possible to change the outcome of something if those signs are spotted on
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