Right To Kneel

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Adin is at a World Cup soccer game and the United State’s anthem is playing. He decides to kneel during the anthem. The crowd immediately responds. One guy starts yelling at Adin, “You have no right to kneel. Show your country some pride.” Another guy starts throwing his popcorn at Adin and shouting “GET UP!” Hundreds of people start booing Adin to get up. After the game a news reporter rushes him to answer a question. The reporter says, “why did you kneel?” Adin respond, “I have kneeled because rights in America are unequal, people are getting shot for no reason, and to influence others to change their actions.” Thousands of people get treated unequally every day. There are tons of examples of this. One example is that cops are arresting…show more content…
People who oppose this way to protest tend to say you have no rights to kneel during the anthem. They also say that kneeling during the anthem is not showing any pride for the America. Someone even went as far as saying ‘They are spitting on the graves of everyone killed on 911. That may not be their intention but that is reality. (Expletive) you and (expletive) them. … I hope you die of AIDS. That is my right as an American.” (Armour 1). Another reason people oppose kneeling during the anthem is because they think that kneeling is not showing honor to the people who fought for America’s freedom. But if those people have the freedom they should have the right to kneel during the anthem. As Adin took a knee, he hoped that people in the stands would understand the message that he was trying to send. Adin wanted everyone to think he was trying to send a positive message. Overall there is no doubt that we all love our country. Even though, people have different views on how people should protest rights in America. The most important thing is for rights in America to be equal. Kneeling during the anthem does not mean you have hate for your country. It is just showing that you can protest unequal rights in
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