A Modest Proposal Essay

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According to author (Jonathan Swift) of "A Modest Proposal" says "the only families that can survive are the upper-class society". Also, the author (George Orwell) on “Shooting an Elephant” says that "No one had the guts to raise a riot". This two author 's speak in a similarly way in the stories. This essay will explore people who have the struggle of doing what is righteous vs wrongdoing, which might impact their lives in the future. In addition, this decision-making is crucial for their personal development. Furthermore it will expose children 's behavior compare to adult too adult 's behavior patterns. I 'm going to write comparing and differentiating these stories in this essay. Such as, how the righteous vs wrongdoing in this essay. Because is explain in those stories that making a bad or a good move what could happen in the future. Besides making a good move could lead you into a happy ending’s. At first, according to my…show more content…
For example, a making bad or god decisions before acting or hurting a living being. Some people have the idea of helping others but at the same time they cannot because they find it difficult to be able to help those people who need it. If all animal, human and leaf life is considered sacred for all people. Seeing that the animal or people and leaf animal looks aggressive being that the only way to stop it is in making a bad decision. Reading the stories has made me wonder what would be the correct way to act before a situation for the welfare of society. It is very difficult for me to understand or understand how an individual who is part of a society acted adversely in prejudice of this. In other words I read in stories that like adults can do aggressive things in front of children, because we must set the example in this society to be much better. Given that sometimes being a high-class person cannot boast low-class people. That makes other people feel
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