Rise And Fall Of Al Capone During The Great Depression

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Rise and fall of Al Capone The Stock Market Crash, the Great Depression, Bootlegging, All references to one of the most well known time periods in America, The 1920s. WW1 had just ended and America had decided to take the isolationism foreign policy, does not involve itself in the affairs of other countries only itself, then the gov’t heavily used laissez-faire which then led to the Great Depression. Hundreds of things and names would go down in history during the Great Depression like Bootlegging and Bonnie & Clyde, but one name during that time period would become a legend, Al Capone “Scarface,” which begs the question how did he, Al Capone, come to power? What was Al Capone's early years like to turn him into the most feared mob boss known …show more content…

After Capone’s marriage and birth of his child he wanted to do right by his family and left for Baltimore as a bookkeeper for a construction company, honest job, no illegal activity, only going back to crime and Chicago after the death of his father and the offer of Johnny Torrio. When Capone returned to his life of crime, he used his street smarts and bookkeeping skills to help Torrio’s illegal business operations which led to Torrio promoting Capone to the position of partner. It is rumored that Capone and Frankie Yale killed Torrio’s boss at the time. At one point in Capone’s and Torrio’s criminal career, a mayoral election threatened to jeopardize their business, so they resorted to intimidation and murder to continue on, which led to Capone’s arrest and the brutal murder of his brother Frank. After an attempt on his life by a rival gang, Torrio gave his entire business to Capone and gave him a warning to always keep low profile. Capone’s revenue was estimated to be $100 million dollars annually. He was praised as a sort of Robin Hood kind of figure until the accidental murder of a prosecutor which led to the people demanding justice. The president at the time demanded that Capone be brought to justice and was arrested. Capone was tried and sentenced to 11 years in prison at his last trial, before then, however, Capone tried to strike a guilty plea for two and a half years, the judge …show more content…

Capone was capable of conscientious bookkeeping and brutal violence should the need ever arise. During his criminal life, Capone combined brutal violence with business which intrigued both friends and foe alike. Capone regularly gunned down rivals and rival gangs that began to challenge him. Capone was responsible for the st. Valentine’s day massacre where he killed several men when Capone’s own men dressed as cops and lined up the rival gang members on the wall and shot them with Capone himself shooting along with his men. Capone once gunned down seven men as a warning to other gangs and killed two of his own men whom he thought were traitors with a baseball bat after the banquet Capone invited them to. Capone even had some of His minions “elected into local government positions,” this shows one of Capone’s tactics-source: the book in the work cited page. Overall Capone’s rise to power was built on suffering, trials, and corpses. The st. Valentine’s day massacre is one of the actions taken to his rise to power through the deaths of rival gang members to maintain and increase his power. His greatest action to get to the place where he was would undoubtedly be when he decided to follow Johnny Torrio, for it was through Torrio’s teaching and mentoring

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