Roaring Twenties Dbq

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After the end of World War I the Untied States entered a period of the Roaring Twenties. During the Roaring Twenties, production was high, spending was high, and the Stock market increased by over four hundred percent. By 1929, stocks were overpriced, factories were overproducing goods, and bad credit all climaxed with the collapse of the American economy. By the time the United States realized what was wrong the economy was plunging with no end in sight. In an attempt to prevent the collapse JP Morgan invested one hundred million dollars into the stock market to try and calm people and prevent selling. This only bought the United States a few day and on the infamous Black Tuesday the Stock market crashed.

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By paying with credit you had to pay monthly payments until the item you purchased was payed off. This new form of payment revolutionized the American way of life. Now you didn't have to save until you had enough money to purchase something you could simply pay it off over time. Now that Americans had more purchasing power the commercial market was flooded with industrial goods that could be purchased with credit. Due to the surge in sales factories began producing more and more items as the demand to have them sky rocketed in the Roaring Twenties. By 1929, when people began losing their jobs and had no way to pay their mounting credit debt to their bank. People's items began to be repossessed and when the stock market crashed people with loans that were supported by stock began to lose there homes and were forced to take to the street. Now that the stock market had crashed those who hadn't lost everything made a dash to their bank to withdraw their entire saving in an attempt to salvage what assets they had left. However more often than not the banks had no more money to dispense and they had to close there doors wiping out peoples entire

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