Robert Morgan There Is No True History Of The Westward Expansion

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With mention to all of the following text, including “There Is No True History of the Westward Expansion”, Morgan’s emphasis is clear that big and small, heroes and villains and thousands of figures claimed a huge role in westward expansion. In the early 1800’s in the United States, Thomas Jefferson, David Crockett, Kit Carson, other famous figures, and the thousands of unnamed and un-heard of Americans in the United States at the time played huge roles in expanding America’s territory in the Westward Expansion movement to gain America new land and new opportunities and to gain the birth rights Americans rightfully earned by standing up for what they believed in and following their strong leaders such as Jefferson. History see’s achievements …show more content…

Robert Morgan also claims how these figures, destined for opportunity, wealth, and land, could be seen as both a hero and a villain. In Robert Morgan’s “There Is No True History of the Westward Expansion” it says,”Certainly the story of the westward expansion of the United States has many examples of each, and sometimes it seems the villains outnumber the heroes. But often the same figure can be seen as both. Andrew Jackson probably did more to extend democratic power to a greater number of citizens of the nation in that era than anyone except Jefferson.” This following statement proves not only were famous and unnamed Americans involved, but heroes and villains were involved as well. Andrew Jackson believed that the power belonged to the people and that the people ad a say in what happened in America. I support this claim Robert Morgan is trying to get across to readers. Stephen Ambrose from Manifest destiny also helps support Morgan. In Manifest destiny, citizens didn’t want to step up to change America and just sat aside, taking advantage of the fact that things would never change, however, when Thomas jefferson came along, America had someone to rely on and depend on. America’s world would soon be flipped upside down and change for the …show more content…

One could also argue that there were only heros and not villians. One could also argue that the famous figures owed everything to the ordinary. In Ambrose’s Undaunted Courage it provides evidence such as how citizens took advantage that America would never change and always would stay the same, but then came along these historic giants that changed America. American citizens were scared to take a stand and fight for what they believe in. In Morgan’s There is No True History of the Westward Expansion, it says, “ Jackson’s protégé, James K. Polk, often called Young Hickory, is one of the least attractive men to ever serve as president of the United States, yet even his severest critics concede that Polk accomplished, uniquely, almost miraculously, all he had promised when elected.” This classifies Polk as just a hero, not changing any of his ways, just continuously being the good guy in a

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