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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Science Lab Report About Rocket Science Background Information The aim of this experiment is to measure the maximum height the rocket reaches. It would be interesting to record our experiment in slow motion so that we can analyse our observations in more detail. To do this experiment, we are going to use hydrogen to make it the fuel of our rocket. For the rocket then to fly up into the sky, we need a combustion reaction. Combustion involves a reaction between any combustible material and an oxidizer to form an oxidized product. Combustion is an exothermic reaction, so it releases heat, but sometimes the reaction proceeds so slowly …show more content…

How you could overcome it if you did the experiment again The match did not light. This affects the hydrogen that is in the bottle, therefore, it also affects the results. When we had to light the match on the ruler, but if the match breaks, we have to get another one from other people, and we are doing that, the hydrogen in the bottle escapes, so it does not have the amount …show more content…

For the extension on this lab report, I will design a car that will be propelled by the reaction of when hydrogen and oxygen mix. To make this car, we will need two full tanks of oxygen and hydrogen (one of oxygen and one of hydrogen). When the driver presses the accelerator of the car, it will make a signal to the tanks for them to open on the exact amount (2 hydrogen : 1 oxygen). Now, the mix will go through a pipe that will lead it directly to the exhaust pipe, where the mix will be forced out the the exhaust pipe that will produce a combustion reaction (2H2 + O2 → 2H2O → Combustion Reaction) which will then give the car energy for it to work. These are the steps for this to work are: 1. The liquid fuel (propellant)(hydrogen) has to be stored in very high pressures and very cold. 2. The oxidizer is stored just beneath the fuel. The oxidizer is a highly reactive chemical that creates a high-energy reaction when is mixed with the propellant. 3. The machines control the amount of the two liquids that enter the combustion chamber so that they

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