Rocky Horror Picture Show: Play Analysis

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I was glad to find out that for the second play that I was required to attend was already picked out for me. I went and saw Gypsy production put together at Harper College on Sunday November 14th 2015. Similar to Rocky Horror Picture Show I didn’t have a clue as to what this play was going to be about or what to expect. I had never even been to the performing arts center before but to my surprise it was very nice in there. This play was actually pretty believable with the mom wanting her daughter to be a star and her providing the best to her ability. It was a little distorted how the mom favored just the one daughter even though she had several other children. Also I thought it was unusual that the kids would always perform the exact same songs …show more content…

Although Rose was always pushing her daughters to get better and strive to be the best they surprisingly could still relate very well to each other. It was presented that Rose had developed this goal to make her daughter a star because of how her life had gone when she was the same age. She was trying to make sure her daughter would get a better opportunity then her as a performer and as a result live a better life. I think that the play was directed very well it never really dragged on and was able to keep me interested to know what was going to happen in the end. I really liked the part where the kids were performing and they time lapsed it and switched in the adults showing the years passing. The theatre was a fairly good size with a proscenium stage with a small platform that extended out towards the audience in the middle. The stage wasn’t all that big but I thought they used the space very wisely and that had an important on the performance. Based on the stage size the atmosphere I was able to gather was that the family was pretty close together spending a lot of their lives around one

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