The Play That Goes Wrong Play Analysis

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On March 28th, I had the pleasure of attending the Broadway show called “The Play That Goes Wrong,” located at the Lycuem Theatre on 149 West 45th Street. On this particular Tuesday evening, I just had a vibe that something wrong was going to happen in this play – shockingly. I did believe this play will truly be memorable judging by the fun quirk of the show’s name. After watching the performance for about two hours, I can conclude that this play went beyond my expectation as its set disasters and characters amusingly caught the attention of me and the rest of the audience. Before the beginning of “The Play That Goes Wrong,” I’ve noticed that actors and crew members were doing last minute touch ups with the stage and wandering around the aisles, looking for their “dog.” Initially, I was very confused about what was going on and what “dog” they were referring to. However, I come to realize that it …show more content…

“The Play That Goes Wrong” required a very detailed strategic plan of the arranged props and set design that actors need to follow in their performance. I believe the performers did a marvelous job in following the detailed choreography of the show. One of the most memorable cast members was Nancy Zamit. She played Annie the stage manager, who took the spotlight when she was forced into playing Charles’ fiancée named Sandra because the original female lead got "knocked unconscious” in the middle of the play. As terribly shy as she was, Zamit intensified the enjoyment of the audience as her character was reading off lines from pages of the script very awkwardly and awfully in an unfitted red dress and wig. In addition, Jonathan Sayer was extremely memorable when he played the role of Charles’ butler. He amused the crowd with his whiny voice as he constantly used paint thinner as scotch and served it to the other characters. Overall, the actors did a remarkable job of acting incompetent for the good of the

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