Role Of Ethics In Scientific Research

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1) Introduction Progress in science is dependent on research but the practice of scientific research is accompanied by numerous ethical challenges, many of which can only be addressed by conducting research responsibly. Consequently, the design and conduct of scientific research has to be based on standards to foster the trust that public have in the scientific community. It is upon the researchers to adhere to and to apply ethical standards while maintaining a favorable research environment for continued progress of research. This paper seeks to explain the means that researchers adopt in preparing a dissertation with focus being on the care and integrity observed to meet ethical standards of scientific research. The integration of ethical dimension in research implies that researchers are needed to observe a specific protocol in the conduct of a scientific research. Primarily, ethical standards are expected to be based on rules and regulations that professional organizations establish and the inner desire of the researchers to conduct research fairly, honestly and wisely even though a range of ethical standards exist to regulate the researchers’ behavior. 2)…show more content…
Professional organizations and educational institutions establish policies and guidelines for addressing the ethics applicable in various aspects of scientific
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