Role Of Feminism In India

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In Indian Writing, Feminism has been used as a modest attempt for evaluating the real social scenario as far as woman is concerned. Right from the past, woman has faced several problems and has been exploited by the man and the society which is made by man and at large. Woman has also been portrayed as subservient and weak and has been considered as an accessory to man; her biological features are connected with her destiny. As she is deprived of her own identity in the male dominated society, she is always defined only in relation to man. She is altogether laden with a traditional role and confined within the four walls of the house. Deshpande is a noted feminist writer and a dedicated savior of womankind in our country. She is also a powerful exponent of women’s identity and freedom. Women are as integral part of human civilization. No society or country can ever progress without an active participation of women in its overall development. Although the place of women in society has differed from culture to culture and from age to age, a woman is always shown in relationship to man; the husband-wife relationship is given more significance than the daughter-father, sister-brother or daughter-mother relationship. Traditionally, a “good woman” must be faithful, pure, devoted and virtuous like Sita and Savitri. Woman has been living the life as a daughter, sister, wife, and mother but never lived for herself. The main cause is the male-dominating and patriarchal set up where
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