Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry Analysis

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“There are things you can 't back down on, things you gotta take a stand on. But it 's up to you to decide what them things are. You have to demand respect in this world, ain 't nobody just gonna hand it to you. How you carry yourself, what you stand for--that 's how you gain respect. But, little one, ain 't nobody 's respect worth more than your own,” (Taylor, 134). Cassie Logan embarks naively, unworldly, and oblivious to it all, but soon after she goes to school and receives filthy racist books that are required for her and all her peers to have, she then says she doesn 't want them when she shows her teacher the ignorant crude writing on the inside cover only to get a harsh beating in front of the class. Cassie later on gets her arm wrenched by a grown white man, has deceived little Lilly Jean, who is a pretentious devious child, and sees TJ, her brother 's best friend, plunge down a dark abyss to the wrong path. In Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D Taylor there are both static and dynamic characters, one of which is named Cassie Logan who out develops the rest by learning the importance of family, bravery and self respect, and love when maturing into a harsh cold reality of degradation. First off, the role of members of one’s family play an important impact on them. For example, the role Cassie’s marvelous mother plays in her life. She reinforces the idea of making change for a better future, and doesn’t stand by and accept things the way they

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