Romeo And Juliet Thesis Statement

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Students usually have to write a lot of essays to succeed in college. Instead of seeing each essay as an insurmountable burden, learn some tricks to make your essay easier to write. This article contains advice to help you create an essay that your professors will be pleased to read. 1) Choose a Powerful Thesis Statement Choosing a strong thesis statement is the trickiest part of good essay writing. A thesis statement is the main argument of your essay. Your thesis statement should be an argument you feel you can substantiate with evidence from the literature you've read. If you can't do this, choose a different thesis statement. Note that an essay is not a book report. Therefore, your thesis statement should not be something inarguable, like: "Romeo and Juliet is a play about the struggles of two lovers fated to be apart." Sure, you'll have an easy time making your point, but your professor is bound to be unimpressed. …show more content…

For Romeo and Juliet, your thesis statement could be something like: "Romeo and Juliet is a social commentary that condemns arrogance and group mentality." This thesis statement lays the groundwork for you to make an argument that your reader will find much more compelling than a simple plot

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