Roxane Gay's Essay 'A Tale Of Three Coming Out Stories'

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When writing an essay or article you need to be able to keep the audience’s attention. Keeping the reader’s attention through your essay is important because you want your reader to stay interested in the essay and not get bored and stop reading. In Roxane Gay’s “A Tale of Three Coming Out Stories”, she uses multiple techniques to keep her reader’s attention. When you are writing, use different techniques such as, emotion and examples/evidence to your argument.
Gay’s essay is about how famous people lose majority of their privacy when they become famous. She talks about how society acts like they need to know everything about celebrities, what they are doing, who they are dating, are they gay or straight, what they are going to do next with …show more content…

Evidence can be anything that proves or backs up what your argument is about. It helps the reader better understand your argument. In Gay’s essay, she talks about three famous people who come out and announce that they are gay. She proves that famous people cannot have privacy, everything about them will come out to the public even though they want to keep it to themselves.
As essays need examples and evidence they also need some emotion involved. Emotion helps the reader relate to your argument, helps them become more connected to your argument. Gay uses multiply different stories to bring emotion to her argument about LGBT being victims of hate crimes because of who they are. She talks about lesbians in Texas being shot, in Oklahoma a man’s vehicle was destroyed, two men were attacked close to their home, and another man was hospitalized. Writing essays and putting some emotion in them really helps bring your argument to life.
Making an ideal essay is can be simply when you have a technique or strategies you plan on using that will help your essay flow. Using some of the techniques I listed such as quotes, emotion, examples, evidence that Gay used in her essay will help you have a structure and help build your essay. Always remember to keep they reader’s attention especially through your whole

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