Gay Identity Essay

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We sometimes find ourself contemplating about who we are and what do we want in our life. As a gay man I have found myself stuck in many places, this is totally normal. We all try to find that perfect life but sometimes it involves barriers. Being wrong and owning up to what you want in life makes the ride easier. Thus being said, I would like to introduce myself with memories that shaped who I am and the struggles that I’ve achieved. I would like to start off by envying those who have self confidence. Yes!.. It is a struggle to learn to accept who we are and our sexual orientation. Coming from a gay guy who came out gay at a young age would like to share the best memory and decision I made. When I came out I was nervous and scared on some level. The reason I say this is because not knowing how people will react to you coming out. Which in my opinion it shouldn’t be scary. But yes looking at our society that has been shaped for many of years, it still is a barrier to come out. We have progressed as time has brought the present which makes me happy to see more and more gays coming to accept themselves and coming out. I came out when I was 12 years old. Yes I always get the question; “how did you come out so early”. I’ve always known that I was going to be gay when I was older. I have memories of myself dressing up in girl clothes always wanting to be a princes. From that point in time I was so sure of myself that I was different. And yes at the time 5 years of age I

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