Room 413: A Short Story

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Room 413 I yanked out my ear buds. That noise had to be a scream. It was a familiar noise, a scream of a girl filled my room. Then it stopped. I looked over the window beside my bed but there is nothing on the road 4 floors below. A nearby stoplight flickered for a moment a girl was standing underneath the yellow light and then she was gone. I went back to my music, the slow strumming of the guitar and the soft voice of the singer filled my ears again. The scream started again, this time with a hard thump on the wall on the other side of the room. It was from room 413. I remembered Mr. Deerwood telling me about room 413 while waiting in the lobby one day. His voice shushed like he was telling me a secret, “You know, that room’s previous renter killed himself?” He continued, “Rumor has it that…show more content…
The bright light woke me up. My mom was beside my bed her hand acting as a pillow for her. She probably felt me move, making her wake up. “Mr. Deerwood saw you yesterday.” She said to me. Knowing I would ask her with my confused face. She continued, “You were outside room 413 and he brought you to us. You should thank him.” Yesterday was real after all. I wanted to cry as I moved downstairs to Mr. Deerwood. Excitedly, I knocked on his door. He opened it with a bright smile on his face and gestured for me to enter his apartment, I entered smiling. “Thank you, Mr. Deerwood” I said to him, he served me tea from his old china teapot, I sipped on it tasting the herbs he put on it. “You know, I heard that scream too.” He replied as he sat on the couch in front of me. I put down my tea cup and listened to him. He told me while wistfully staring at the window, “Room 413 is a room full of regrets” I gave him a gentle smile, I understand him. He continued staring wistfully at the bright blue sky outside. He have stories on his own that I would love to listen to one day. He continued, “You’re very brave to enter that
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