Rosa Parks Biography Essay

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Honestly before this assignment was assigned I knew of the name Rosa Parks, that she was famous for deciding not to give up her seat for a white man. This assignment has given me valuable insight into the importance that Rosa Parks has played in the Civil Rights movement, and what actually took place on that day. In “Rosa Parks Biography” I learned her actions created the momentum that was necessary for change to occur in America. As a result of her arrest there was a 382 Montgomery Bus Boycott for equal rights, this ended with the Supreme Court decision to outlaw racial segregation. One may think that it was a normal day for Rosa Parks and her decision not to give up her seat was a spur of the moment action. However, according to an interview with Rosa Parks she had been in conflict with this driver before because she paid her fare then would not enter through the back of the bus.(Rosa Parks: How I Fought for Civil Rights) It was a brave move and one that was necessary as her arrest lead to the much needed change in segregation laws. What happened after her arrest is important to understand because it allows us a view into the struggles that were associated with her decisions. After her initial trial she was found guilty and had to pay a $14 fine, but her fight did not stop here. She appealed the courts’ decision thus …show more content…

The American culture is built of the struggles of those who have come before us and as we move ahead we need to reflect on the trials and tribulations of those that decided to fight for the rights that we enjoy. It is through reflection of this that we can further enhance our culture and develop as a people knowing that the events of America’s past was not in vain and we have not only learned from them but have also use it as a tool to facilitate growth of a

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