Rough Draft: The American Dream

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Parry 1
Breanna Parry
1st Period English III
17 November 2015
Rough Draft: My Dream, Your Dream, Our Dream The American Dream is what everyone strives for, promising freedom, equality, religious views of your choice, and also life choices one person may seem to make. The universal dream is shown in politics. If someone is a liberal or if someone is conservative, it shows in your actions and the people you are around. In the literary works I have read, I have seen how times how completely changed and transformed things through the decades. My main American Dream is based on what can make me thoroughly happy. I will not do anything that will not benefit me in the long run. I believe that if I want to have happiness, I can find it in …show more content…

Segregation. Unfairness. That is how they felt in the book, “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett. They dreams that these women have are realistic, they dream of having bigger jobs with better pay, and a broader lifestyle that could be more flexible. “They ain 't rich folks. Rich folks don 't try so hard.” (1.15, Stockett). The women who own these houses that the maid are cleaning are so focused on society status that they do not even realized how consumed in the “money” that they are. This quote relates to the universal definition, because it shows how blood thirsty some people are to receive the perfect and ideal life. “A bitter seed was planted inside of me. And I didn 't feel so accepted anymore.” (1.10 Stockett). This quote shows how “The Help” refers to an obstacle in The American Dream, fitting in with other people in an asset to being a happy …show more content…

One of my ultimate goals is to attend Appalachian State University. Male to Female ratio at ASU is 45:55. This school provides you with technical and formal skills that are prior to your everyday life. In the American Dream I have, I would like to study to become a teacher, and a photographer. Working both of these jobs, owning a photography studio, and teaching 5th grade, it would estimate 60,000 dollars a year. To achieve this goal I have to receive my Bachelor of Arts, which one has to maintain a “B” average in all english classes, and receiving 18 hours of english classes. Taking this class will also give me credits towards photography. Also, I am going to receive my Bachelor of Science, which is another addition to teaching. ASU costs about 14,000 a year, and about 6,000 a semester. I love App because it is in the mountains and it has a very secluded feeling, and gives one the feeling of being away. Being in Boone makes me feel happy, and comfortable and that is where I would like to spend a lot of my life, if not all of

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