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Rudyard Kipling
For some authors, their stories get forgotten and then no one knows who they are. For Rudyard Kipling, that is not the case. He wrote many short stories, poems, and novels that were loved by many readers. Even though he died a long time ago, people still read his famous works today.
Rudyard Kipling was born 1865 in Bombay, India (“Joseph Rudyard Kipling”). When he was six years old, he was sent to live with a foster family in England. During the time in England, he went to a boarding school where he got an English education. While staying at the Holloways, he was abused and beaten by Mrs. Holloway for no reason at all. He also didn’t have a bond with Mr. Holloway because he was almost never there(“Rudyard Kipling. Biography”). …show more content…

From these authors, he became obsessed with writing. This led to Rudyard being the editor of his school newspaper. Later on in life, he wrote and published 40 short stories and he wrote a book that was loved by everyone who read it, The Jungle Book (“Rudyard Kipling. Biography”).
Shortly after going to United Services College in 1878, he met a woman named Carrie. After a year or two of meeting Carrie, they got married and had three children. They had a son named John, and two daughters, Josephine and Elise(“Rudyard Kipling. Biography”). One day, Carrie wanted to see her mother in New York. So Rudyard and his family had to travel across the Atlantic Ocean to New York. The trip was harsh and cold. Rudyard and Josephine got pneumonia. They suffered from the disease for a couple of weeks, but then Rudyard recovered from it. Sadly, Josephine did not. She died in 1899(“Rudyard Kipling. Biography”).
After that, Rudyard went into a dark stage where he didn’t write or anything. When he came out of that stage, he started to bond with his son John because he had no children old enough to understand him. Once WW1 came, Rudyard and his son enlisted to go to the trenches in France(“Rudyard Kipling.Biography”). With luck, they both made it out

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