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Sanders, Laura. “Running barefoot Cushions Impact Of Forces On Foot.” Science News 177.5 (2010): 14-15. Academic Search Premier. Web. 8 Dec. 2016.

The main topic of this article is that it is too soon to say if running shoeless reduces injuries. Daniel Lieberman says that we shouldn’t be afraid to run barefoot. If we take the time to learn the proper mechanics of running barefoot can become fun and comfortable. Studies show that when running barefoot you land on the front of your feet when you wear shoes, however, many people land on their heel and then roll onto their forefoot. She goes on to talk about a study that took place to see what the different in impact was between barefoot and shod (in a shoe) runners. The result was as follows …show more content…

It goes on to talk about something that the scientist call “shock setting” basic theory is that running barefoot is natural for feet anatomy. This article talked about two coaches, Brooks Johnson and Vin Lananna that use barefoot running as part of their athletes’ training plan. A direct quote from this article that’s in the section titled “From the Savanna to the Track” is “In their opinion, to run properly, the foot needed to grasp and release on a variety of surfaces such as dirt, grass, road, concrete, and gravel.” (Pearl). It goes on to say how different companies such as Nike and Adidas have tried to come out with “barefoot” running shoes. They explain how less cushioned shoe help reduce the vibrations that go through the muscles when your foot hits the ground. However, it is good for your muscles to adapt to reducing those vibrations on their own.
I believe that the intended audience for this article was either a runner that wants to switch over to barefoot running or even shoe companies that are wanting to create a good barefoot running shoe. It could also be nice for any coaches who believe it is better for athletes to run in …show more content…

Jodai uses quotes from a Doctor at Harvard University whose name is Daniel Lieberman, he stated that Barefoot running is natural for the human body. He talks about how humans have been running for many years before all of these high-tech shoes were ever around. They would run barefoot or in sandals and moccasins. Doctor Lieberman’s studies give evidence that makes one believe that barefoot runners should strike the ground with their forefoot when you do this you have a lower collision with the ground. It is better for you to try to avoid great forces of impact whether you have a shoe on or not.
The articles intent is for anyone interested in trying barefoot running or even anyone that is already a shoeless runner. It could be important for a coach of any group of long distance athletes to read.
The article “BAREFOOT Running” is very useful and informative for anyone that may want to know more about barefoot running. It provided information on many different aspects of the sport. Jodai showed that she knew what she was talking about and proved that she had done her research by referencing Doctor Lieberman’s study multiple times in this article. This really was a good source for me to read, all of the information that was in it was relevant to what I was wanting to know and it also gave me some insights on things that I hadn’t thought about before

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