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A jazz shoe is a type of shoe worn by dancers. They are commonly used in jazz dance and other styles of dance, including acro dance and hip hop. Jazz shoes are made in a variety of styles, with varying features. Jazz shoes are also called Gore Boots by many drill teams. My drill team- the Rocky Mountain Panther Dancers, requires each dancer to have their own set of both black and tan shoes. Jazz shoes are a comfortable mix between point or ballet shoes and tennis shoes, making no need for the destruction of feet of the painful surface of hard floors.
Jazz dance is an widespread term that can refer to several related dance styles. Jazz is as American as apple pie, a mishmash of world cultures and inspiration distilled into a captivating singular dance. Dancers were getting their feet trashed by floors. Pointe shoes were destroying their feet worse so they needed a completely new design that was way more …show more content…

Slip ons are much easier to put on and are prefered by most drill teams nowadays. Around fifteen to twenty years ago- when my mom danced they used lace up shoes. This shows how over time evolution can change even the smallest of things.
--- Dance shoes fall into the category of biological technology and in the subcategory of medical. You have to know foot sizes, how the foot works and the anatomy of the foot to correctly make a dance shoe to help improve the foot.
Charles Didelot created a "flying machine" that lifted women barely off the ground to make them look like they were dancing on their toes. Later, Marie Taglioni, an Italian dancer, invented pointe shoes that made no need for the machine to be on their toes while dancing. This was the first time someone had modified ballet slippers from their original state. The pointe shoe appeared in Italy in the late 18th century with a toe box. This is where Frisco comes in and saves the day- more so the feet- by making his jazz

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