Rwanda Genocide Response

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The American Government 's Response to The Rwandan Genocide The United States often have an had interest in the political, social and civil crises of other countries in order to benefit themselves. American senior officials hid the truth of the Rwanda Genocide to avoid public moral obligation. The government did not give any financial or political support to the country because Rwanda did not offer minerals or political advantages and stability; the US ' government did not want to be involved in another conflict, even though it has helped other countries in the past.1 But what is truly deeper hidden, are the stories of people like Immacule, a young girl, who, unlike thousands of others, survived the catastrophic genocide in Rwanda.…show more content…
According to Richard N. Hass the war had clearly negative impact on US ' policy, when he states that7 "[The war] has clearly absorbed a tremendous amount of U.S. military capacity, the result being that the United States has far less spare or available capacity, not just to use in the active sense, but to exploit it the diplomatic sense"(Richard Haass, Haass: On Balance, Iraq War’s Impact on U.S. Foreign Policy ‘Clearly Negative’). The government has given support in the war in Iraq, as one of the many examples. This action gave the U.S. a bad image, consequently generating more conflicts. But behind all of this; millions of innocents suffer. While others should be thankful to "have freedom" and "been born birds"8. It is unacceptable what many "are doing to ourselves" (Immaculee 75). The way that mankind looks at less developed countries should be re-evaluated, specially at countries in Africa. The smaller amount of worldwide political powers should not classify a country as worth helping…show more content…
10 Mc Des Forges believes that "[U.S. senior officials] feared [the word genocide] would generate public opinion which would demand some sort of action they did [not] want to act"(Rory Carroll, "US Chose to Ignore Rwandan Genocide)11. But something couldn 't be hidden; "the evil things that they 'd done to many innocent souls" (Immaculée 92). By hiding the reality in the African country from the press and consequently, the people, the government also hid the main reason why it did not

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