Sahmaya's Argumentative Essay

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Sahmaya is 10 years of age and is a joy to her mother, Edna. Edna began to foster Sahmaya when she was a few weeks old and later adopted. Sahmaya has a dx of CP, ID, legally blind and has a feeding tube. She needs total assistance from Edna. Sahmaya recently started attending Colonial Trail Elementary School.
During 2016 Christmas break the family moved to Henrico, VA from California (see informational note).
Edna does her best to care for Sahmaya however has shows early signs of Alzheimer according to Edna 's granddaughter. Edna has signed POA over to Hania the Granddaughter in the event she cannot longer make decisions for herself.
Sahmaya met the VIDES and added to the DD waiver waiting list. Sahmaya is approved for ED/CD however due

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