Salmon Fishing Is Wrong

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Salmon fishing is a sport that that has many participants from around the world. Yet some organizations are making it much harder and less fun. Also, many animals are killing off salmon. I believe we need to fix this and come up with a solution. Fishing is definitely one of the most widely spread sport and is used as a way of life. Many people live off fishing whether it’s catching and selling fish or catching and eating fish. Anyways, the reasons why I think we need to come up with a solution for this crisis is because we have seals and sea lions killing off salmon, ODFW making rules that makes it tougher to catch salmon, and we have dams that are raising the water lever. My first reason why I think we need to solve this problem is because we have seals and sea lions that are eating a bunch of salmon in the Columbia river. And yet the worst part is, they aren’t even native. The sea lions just follow the fish from California. For example, in the text, it states that, “Seals and sea lions are killing even more salmon in the Columbia River than previous thought…” (pg.1 Paulu)
This just comes to show that the seals and sea lions are eating off the salmon. Thus making me argue that we should solve this problem. …show more content…

To those who don’t know who ODFW is, it is an organization that stands for Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. This organization controls the rules and the laws of all wildlife and fishing. When it comes to being too strict, they are the definition. Some rules make it so much harder, they even involve taking barbs off hooks. To witness first hand, in an article it claims, “The commission declined to take action on a staff proposal that would have allowed the use of barbed hooks when fishing for salmon…” (pg.1 ODFW) As you can see, this proves that ODFW is making fishing much more difficult by changing the

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