Salvador Dali Biography Essay

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A Biography of Salvador Dali
Salvador Dali was a famous Spanish painter, who worked mainly in the surrealistic genre. Eccentric art preferences reflected in the author’s everyday life. Dali is often recognized by The Persistence of Memory, a painting with melted clocks, created in 1931. But his exposure to art started much earlier.
Dali was born on May 11, 1904 in Figueres, a town located in Spanish region Catalonia. Artist’s full name was Salvador Doménec Felip Jacint Dalí i Domènech. His father, Salvador Dalí Cusí, was a notary and a middle-class lawyer. The man was an important person in town and had many friends, including painters and writers. Dali’s mother, Felipa Domenech Ferrés, “was a devout Roman Catholic” (Anderson, 2002, p. 6), who often encouraged son on his art interests. Salvador looked like a family name, as it was given to father, Dali himself and his elder brother, who died several months before the artist’s birth. “At the age of 5, Dali was taken to his brother’s grave and told by his parents that he was a
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d.). Several years later man’s relations with the movement started to break because of prewar and other sociopolitical issues. Supporting surrealism, Dali did not start to criticize fascism. After the start of the World War II, the man moved to United States with his wife; here the couple lived for 8 years. In America Dali continued to demonstrate eccentric behavior. In 1942, for example, he attracted society’s attention by publication of an autobiography The Secret Life of Salvador Dali with the combination of true stories and myth. Dali by himself did not see anything wrong in telling an “alternative true”: “Dali could take a myth that was interpreted a certain way and impose upon it his own personal ideas” (“Salvador Dali Biography b”, n.

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