Samurai Vs Knights Essay

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What do you believe, do you think the similarities were greater? Or do you believe the differences were greater between the Samurai and Knights? In both places, Japan and Europe, they were both having issues with a weak government. The way they both tried to keep their land in order, was with feudalism. Feudalism is where a higher up person will get land and give it to someone who is lower down for them to fight for them. Japan had the Samurai, and Europe has the Knights. There are more similarities than differences because their armor, code of conduct, and training are similar. The training for both Samurai and Knights started out similar. ¨The rigorous training (of samurai) … began in childhood.¨ (C) ¨A prospective knight's training [began …show more content…

The similarities are that both were made with metal, and that they have their own disadvantages. “In samurai armor (left) small iron scales were tied together, lacquered, and then bound into armor plates with silk or leather cords.” (D) “During the 1200’s, knights wore armor made of chain mail: tiny metal rings linked together.” (D)
The disadvantages to them both are that the armor gets heavy. “One disadvantage of samurai armor is that when it became wet, the silk cords absorbed water and became very heavy.” (D) “A knight's armor could weigh 40 to 60 pounds.” The knights armor is heavy because of its weight while the Samurai is because of it getting wet.
The code of conduct for each of these warriors is similar in one way. For both of them, it shows that the warriors are very loyal to their apprentice, or master. “Samurai were expected to live according to Bushido, a strict ethical code influenced by Confucianism that stressed loyalty to one’s master, respect and for one’s superior, ethical behavior in all aspects of life, and complete self discipline.” (C) “ [They would accompany] their master knight into battle, dress him, feed him…” (C) This shows that their similarities were through their loyalty to their

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