The Hunter In Richard Connell's The Most Dangerous Game

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A man walks through the humid jungle, weaving between the vines and heavy growth of trees. He keeps his breathing even, accordingly avoiding any twigs or underbrush that would cause the slightest of sounds. The worn man is in pursuit, tracking his prey. Suddenly, his expression changes, the sound of barking dogs filling his ears. The man, Sanger Rainsford, is no longer the hunter. Following his success with hunting, he has nevertheless found himself in the place of the prey he has slaughtered many times before. He has to push forward, his strength determines if he will survive or perish. Through his determination, Rainsford drives the story's theme of walking a mile in someone else's shoes.
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He is no longer automatically the hunter, lacking the carefully selected weapon or course he would have on a normal hunting trip. On the yacht, he speaks with Whitney about their upcoming trip, mentioning jaguars. His hunting partner comments on how the jaguar must feel during the pursuit of a human, mentioning it must be incredibly frightened. At the mention of an animal experiencing the fear and pain a human might, Rainsford is quick to say how ridiculous it is. The experienced hunter finds himself coming to shore on Ship-Trap Island, learning about what the man residing in the manor actually does. He is pressed with two options, play the game or die by the hand of Ivan without the hope of ever escaping. Rainsford agrees to the game with gritted teeth, degrading himself to the position of the hunted. He is allowed his time to rest before the hunt begins. He struggles to keep himself collected, always telling him to mind his nerves. He runs to avoid Zaroff, wondering if it will be the moment he meets his demise. He is thoroughly shaken after the general spares him with a smile, realizing what pure terror feels like.
Rainsford proves the story’s theme of walking a mile in someone else’s shoes. What seemed to be a pass-by of a rumored island of cannibals, the hunter finds himself on a path of survival, wits, and self discovery. He winds up in the place of the animals he

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