Satire About Marriage

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When will that change, I ask you? When will those feelings submit to the spiritual man in a way where I don’t ever have to deal with them again? Marriage? Well, then where’s the man I’m supposed to marry? Because I’m over here waiting.

Unlike my spiritual walk in the past that didn’t make it past the corner, I have found ways to deal with the itch that always asking to be scratched. Music provides a great escape. Unlike the advice of the skinny person or the married folks, I come from a place of struggle, so trust me when I tell you, I need some advice that works. And listening to a fast, upbeat pace song is that solution.

Sometimes no matter how many songs you may play or repeat over and over again, the enemy won’t leave you alone. It might feel like …show more content…

I’m not going to keep running from that higher calling. I MUST RESIST IT! Because the only things that God will provide an escape from are those things that I can’t handle. Marijuana is not one of those things. It’s that test that is meant to make me strong so I won’t have to keep running. I need to stop, turn around, and slap the #?@! out of the lower case, it! Oops…my mouth. I’ll deal with that in another chapter.

So I got this. I can do this. As always, let me found a scripture to help me with it. Searching, searching, searching… It has to be another quick draw scripture, something I can recite real fast at any time. Here’s one: Galatians 5:16 I’m going to walk by the Spirit, and I WILL NOT gratify the desires of my flesh. Repeat, repeat, repeat, got it.

It’s late in the evening, and I’m feeling great. I refused to be defeated by my own lust and my new defense against the “higher calling” helps me to sleep well. The next morning I wake up to a brand-new day. I’d learned by now to pray as soon as I get out of bed, so upon awakening, I waste no time getting on my knees. What a good feeling to be covered by God through prayer. Satan ain’t got nothing on me, baby. Keya and God are in

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