Scarlet Letter Feminism

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The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, written in the year 1850, about Adulterous women. It is the story of Hester Prynne and her daughter called Pearl. Hester was punished because of Adultery in Puritan society in Boston, Massachusetts. The Scarlet Letter can easily considered to be one of the feminine literature, because Hawthorne stands by the side of women and wrote about female character, then in the story he introduces the Hester Prynne with strong strength of female with desire and finally ends with independence that Hester Prynne got.
The Hawthorne himself portrait with the feminism while writing the novel. He is not trying to differentiate between gender that is male or female. He is really defending this point. Even though he was a man, but he always support for women. With this novel he thought that people will at least know the word feminism during his time in America. He is trying to convey that not any sex should be above the other and we should consider it is always equal. In the book Hawthorne has the protagonist of Hester Prynne who is female by nature. Though he also has men’s character, but it shows fewer roles in the story. That is why we consider his novel as feminist literature.
Hester also proves herself to selfless, which is also another character of feminist in the book. In the book when Hester meet his real husband Chillingworth at Scaffold, she was standing very confident with strong without fear him and confront him. At the same time
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