School Funding For Public Schools Essay

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Imagine you’re a middle schooler in a public school in Florida. The school is poor and it has very little money for things like repairs or technology. You walk into sixth period one day, sit down, and discover that the floor next to your desk is wet. The teacher says that there is a leak in the roof, and that the school can’t afford to fix it. The school can’t afford to fix the leak or buy technology because the school is not funded properly.

First, Public school funding should be spent specifically on things that will help better the student's education. Students need a place where they can learn freely and be happy. One quote from floridapolicy.org explains, “Education funding generally is inadequate and inequitable; It relies too …show more content…

“Providing a quality education to all of Florida’s students is a core constitutional responsibility of state government and critical to economic growth. Yet, school districts in Florida are dealing with a crushing teacher shortage, bus driver shortage, and overall operating cost growth that has outpaced revenue,”(epi.org). This quote shows that public schools don't have enough money to pay for administrators like those.This is another reason why the government should fund public schools. Lastly, The government doesn't care about students or schools like they should, they just care about politics, their fame, and other stuff like that . One quote from parents4puplicschools.org states “Funding formulas directly impact the support for public schools. For instance, funding inequities at the local level are a result of local property taxes. Local districts use property taxes to fund schools, and the economic condition or tax base of the area, whether affluent or disadvantaged, influences the amount of funding the schools receive. This disparity in funding between differing communities creates funding gaps: districts with a lower tax base suffer the consequences of poorly funded schools. Equitable funding would offset this gap acknowledging that less affluent communities require more funding from state and/or federal sources to offset the funding gap.” This quote is trying to say that the government doesn’t pay attention to public schools very

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