Scientific Inaccuracies In Jurassic Park

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There are many movies with scientific inaccuracies, but the movie Jurassic Park stood out the most. Jurassic Park has many different kind of inaccuracies and some are just small and some are major. The scientific inaccuracies I picked out to explain are the Velociraptor Inaccuracies, Tyrannosaurus Rex Inaccuracies, Dilophosaurus Inaccuracies, Brachiosaur Inaccuracies, Fossil Excavation Inaccuracies, and the Dino- DNA Inaccuracies. Sometimes it can be hard to find scientific inaccuracies and then sometimes I could be difficult. Just depends on how well you pay attention to the movie and how well you know about the objects in the movie. The first scientific inaccuracy I am going to explain is about the Velociraptor and for those who do not know is a dinosaur, obviously. In the movie, the Velociraptor are big pack hunters capable with very advanced …show more content…

The inaccuracies for the steps they take is all kinds of logically wrong and makes no sense. Once the dinosaur blood was successfully extracted from the mosquito, they threw in some frog DNA to suture up the gene gaps to make up a dinosaur genome. Then after those steps, they dunked the embryo in an ostrich egg and waited for a raptor to hatch. None of those steps makes sense, and that is because they do not make no sense and it does not work that way. In real life, even if we forget the idea about the dinosaur genetic material that survived in liquid blood form, the frog DNA would be a terrible choice to use as a filler. Even dinosaurs and us humans share a stronger genetic link than frogs and dinosaurs. Filling the gene gaps with frog blueprints would result in one creepy and odd-looking monster and would not survive fertilization. If they tried bird DNA, it would be more realistic and would make a lot more sense for the movie. However, they also could have been using frog DNA just to give everyone a laugh and give the movie a spin even though it is a bit over the

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