Long Argumentuments: Shermer's Stand And The Long Argument

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“The Story of Us”
Shermer’s Stand and The Long Argument
The theory of evolution has been under attack all throughout the history of the natural sciences. Several groups of people, especially those of which whom are affiliated with the Humanities, particularly Theologians are one of the notable people whom have questioned the theory introduced by Charles Darwin. As such, Shermer found it necessary to further discuss and at the same time address the said concern through the article. It could be deduced that the article formally shuts down the “unlikeliness” of evolution by presenting several accounts that prove the said theory to be true. With this being said, the author claims that scientists agree that evolution did happen and it has been an …show more content…

Given the fact that the nature of the warring personalities are significantly different, the clashing of ideas with regard to the theory were inevitable. Charles Darwin’s claim was that organisms went through several processes that made them what they are now or the principle of natural selection, whereas, William Paley’s argument is that organisms were created as they were by one “creator” which is God. The former’s claim is more inclined to the principle of evolution while the latter’s argument mainly centers on “natural theology” and the “designer …show more content…

Due to the aforementioned factors, we are tempted to see the species of today as a monument of the theory of evolution, but it actually undercuts the facts of evolution. Furthermore, a number of misconceptions have erupted throughout the years for the sole reason of not having an appropriate explanation for the facts of the theory of evolution. We are forced to accept wrong notions for us to be able to fully understand the said

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