Scouts's Honor Theme

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“Scouts’s Honor” by Avi is a realistic story about kids who go camping in a different state.In the begining, three nine year olds have to go camping in a different state.The have to do it to move up to the next level in boy scouts.Soon,they try to all be braver than the other kids that would probaly make them the leader.In the end they realize that they can’t do it because they are only nine years old and they are not being watched by a parent. The story shows that the most brave thing to do is admit you are not brave then they travelled all the way back the way they came. The three boys try to be brave. Horse tried to be brave. One way he is trying to be brave is he backtalks all of his buddies. Another way Horse try’s to attempt to be brave is he agrees to go camping when he knows it is in a different state he is only a nine year old.In paragraph 22 a different chacter says I am roughing it and Horse says “You saying I don’t.” Horse tries to act like he is tough and he sounds like is brave so his friends that he is with don’t think he is weak.This proves Horse tried to be brave. …show more content…

One way he tries to be brave is he tries to take the lead in everything. For example, In paragraph 72 There is a not so sturdy bridge and the boys can’t see the other side. Then the main character says “I will go across the bridge.” He starts walking he looks confident but in his head he is hoping they are not following him. If they are not he will have an excuse to go back there and stay there and not leave them behind . Unfortunately “ they are right behind him and he has no reason to bail out now.” This is proof that the main character tries to be brave in the story. On the outside he looks brave but on the inside he is not so brave. The main chacter realizes he is not that brave he just does not admit it to his friends because he does not want to admit it to his friends. This proves the main character tries to be

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