Scrutinization Of Numbers

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My dad was an accountant and an effective one primarily because of his ability to interpret numbers and find meaning in them. Growing up I saw that his scrutinization of numbers would be applied to many aspects of our family life outside of his office whether it was how much of an ingredient to put in a recipe, the grades I needed relative with a number of extracurriculars I took part of, and so on. Despite the stress, this may have incurred on me, knowing that numbers are reliable and safe and what made my dad so effective in many things he did give me a trust for numbers in many areas of my life. This scientific approach to understanding the world had limitations especially in regards to beauty. I could see two different people with vast differences in their physicality and personality …show more content…

Most of us have been socially conditioned to celebrate behaviors that are positive such as being confident and sensitive amongst other things. Mother Teresa wasn't beautiful because she was on the cover of every swimsuit catalog, she was beautiful because she devoted her life to helping those that needed help. The confusing aspect of personality in its relationship with beauty is that it's a completely subjective area where as physicality is easier to agree upon. No one can give you a definite answer if for example you were asked to say who was more beautiful a more confident individual or a more emotionally available one. It depends on the person’s taste as both qualities of confidence and emotional sensitivity is both positive traits although societies tend to sway towards certain qualities over others. A person's personality role in beauty is hard to form conclusions around but contributes to our views on somebody just as profoundly as any other physical

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